LifeMoves is formerly InnVision Shelter Network

Letter from the CEO

January, 2017

Bruce IvesDear Friends,

The past year has been a strong one for LifeMoves. We’ve been able to build on our financial strength to create better programs and provide better services to our clients. This has been critical in the face of an unprecedented housing crisis which challenges us to continue to innovate.

Our mission is to return homeless families and individuals to stable housing and self-sufficiency. During our 2016 fiscal year, 92% of families and 78% of single adults who completed a LifeMoves transitional housing program successfully returned to stable housing. This year, with help from our friends at we are building a text-messaging based tool to stay in touch with our clients after they leave our shelters. This will let us track their progress and offer ongoing support to ensure their success.

Bruce Ives, LifeMoves CEO, participates in the biannual homeless census count Bruce Ives, LifeMoves CEO, participates in the biannual homeless census count in Mountain View, CA in Jan 2017. (Credit: Michelle Le, The Mountain View Voice)

We need to track all of our programs and measure all of our services so we can constantly know what works best for our clients. We’ve partnered with Tipping Point Community and Pivot Consulting to build a Theory of Change that will help us use data to improve our programs and provide strategic guidance for our efforts to strengthen our talent, improve fundraising and manage our sites.

LifeMoves provided 265,000 shelter nights for clients last year and half of those clients were children. Our ACES program helps children achieve in school and offers STEM-based programming to develop an expectation that they are on the path to college and to provide support for that journey.

These are all challenging initiatives and they come on top of the hard work that our amazing staff does every day to help our clients with their efforts to achieve housing stability and long-term success. It would be easier to focus on day-to-day tasks but we recognize that we need to go from strength to strength. We owe it to our clients who are constantly working to improve for themselves and their families. And we owe it to our community as the largest provider of homeless shelter and services across the Peninsula and Silicon Valley. With your ongoing support we will continue to innovate and to build and to offer even stronger leadership in the year ahead. Thank you for making that possible.

Warm regards,

Bruce Ives Signature

Bruce Ives, CEO

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