LifeMoves is formerly InnVision Shelter Network

A.C.E.S. Program

Achieving Career and Educational Success with Homeless Children and Young Adults

LifeMoves | A.C.E.S. empowers children and young adults, who have experienced the stress and
uncertainty of homelessness, to achieve higher education. Download the A.C.E.S. Program Brochure

The A.C.E.S. Program hallmarks:
  • Grounded in STEM subjects
  • Encourages students to reach for higher education and post-secondary training
  • Establishes good learning habits
  • Sparks new interests that foster a lifetime love of learning

Introducing A.C.E.S.:

The impact of homelessness on children is severe. Many children experience educational gaps, high levels of stress, and fall behind academically and socially over time. The destabilizing effect of homelessness interrupts the structures and routines that contribute to building good habits and attitudes toward learning. Children and their parents lack exposure to ideas and possibilities beyond their current circumstances.

The Achieving Career and Educational Success (A.C.E.S.) program was conceived to complement formal education and rebuild the confidence in our learners which has been hindered by the inevitable stress and uncertainty created by homelessness. This is accomplished through engagement with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) focused learning opportunities.

Research shows that students who experience homelessness are at far greater risk of developmental delays and exhibit emotional and behavioral problems. Poor school attendance caused by frequent moves drives lower academic performance, reduces social maturity, and enables the cycle of poverty to continue. LifeMoves is in a prime position to help disrupt this cycle. LifeMoves has already incorporated robust programing targeted at children in our “Program” model. Shelters serving families have full-time professional staff trained to work with the specific needs of children and youth. With our proven track record of instilling life-skills that contribute to real world success in adult clients, we have taken aim at doing the same for the children and youth who come through our doors.

For more information on this program or how you can help, please contact Lisa Brasile at or (650) 685-5880.

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