LifeMoves is formerly InnVision Shelter Network

Veteran Services

Nearly 1 in 5 adults at LifeMoves is a Veteran.

Over the past several years, LifeMoves has built strong partnerships and effective programming to serve Veterans and Veteran families—a growing segment of the homeless population.

LifeMoves Solutions to Veteran Homelessness

Nearly 1 in 5 homeless adult clients served by LifeMoves is a Veteran, including numerous Veteran parents with children. LifeMoves partners closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide services to homeless Veterans and their families. LifeMoves operates emergency and transitional facilities for homeless single adults and families, including Veterans. These locations offer safe, modern facilities and a supportive community for residents while they work toward regaining stable housing and self­-sufficiency.

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The main ballroom is now at maximum capacity but you can still enjoy the program!

Please join us in the adjacent ballroom to mingle with other LifeMoves supporters, enjoy breakfast and watch the event in its entirety on a large screen.

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