LifeMoves is formerly InnVision Shelter Network


LifeMoves had a strong year in 2018. We are proud that 89% of the families and 73% of the individuals who completed our program returned to stable housing and self-sufficiency. Yet the housing crisis continues to rage all around us. We just participated in the every-other year HUD Point-in-Time Count – a one-day census of homelessness in our community. While the results won’t be final for a few months, we know that much work remains to be done.

As we continue to serve our mission within our shelters, we have also been pursuing ways to extend our highly effective case management model to meet people where they are. Our new Safe Parking for Families site in San Jose has already helped dozens of families living in their cars to park safely at night and connect to services. This has led many to move quickly to family shelters or directly to stable housing. We are looking to expand this model to serve individuals in the coming months. We are also proud of our new shelter in San Jose that is open to all and designed especially to support members of the LGBTQ+ community – only the second shelter of this kind in the country. These innovative new programs would not be possible without the leadership of our wonderful staff, the close partnership we have with the City of San Jose and the County of Santa Clara, and the generous support we receive from loyal LifeMoves donors.

As the year progresses we are exploring paths to better serve families living on the brink of homelessness in San Mateo County and those who are medically fragile across our community. Stay tuned for more news as we continue to pilot new programs on top of our core services to address the evolving nature of homelessness and meet the urgent needs we see in Silicon Valley.

We are grateful to have you walking with us on this journey.

Warm Regards,

Bruce Ives


LifeMoves | Safe Parking for Families Opens

It is hard to imagine a pregnant mother with a full-time job living in her car to survive. Yet, this is exactly what happened to LifeMoves client, Glorious, 27, who is pregnant with twins and also has a three year old daughter, Leila. Glorious has a stable job as a security guard. But when her relationship with the children’s father ended, and her hours were cut from 90 to 50 hours per week, she could no longer afford her rent and lost her apartment.

With nowhere to go, Glorious called family shelters to see if there was any availability. She was placed on a waiting list and had no other option but to live in her car. Read about how LifeMoves Safe Parking for Families help Glorious and Leila living in their cars move to safety.

LifeMoves Safe Parking for Families Program Provides Innovative Solution to Homelessness

Launched in November 2018, the LifeMoves Safe Parking for Families program provides a safe location for families living in their cars to stay overnight while receiving services from LifeMoves case managers. At the Seven Trees Community Center in San Jose, families with children can stay overnight, from 7pm to 7am, in a secure, well-lit parking lot. In addition to safety, security, and case management, the families provide encouragement to each other on their journey back to stable housing and self-sufficiency.

Corporate Partnerships Create Lasting Impact

LifeMoves partners with leading Silicon Valley companies to create lasting impact for the most vulnerable in our community. We custom design partnerships that incorporate your company’s interests and goals. Though partnerships look and feel different, they are all designed to provide a meaningful, team building experience. Read about how corporations like Alain Pinel, Woodruff-Sawyer and VMWare partnered with LifeMoves to give back to the community.

Expressing Our Gratitude to a Very Special Couple: Bill and Ann Regan

LifeMoves is deeply grateful to two special LifeMoves supporters, Ann and Bill Regan, who are long-time donors and committed volunteers. The Regans are also active members of the Order of Malta, a charitable organization that is one of LifeMoves most dedicated volunteer groups. Each year, clients at LifeMoves | Maple Street in Redwood City enjoy the wonderful parties organized by the Regans and Order of Malta volunteers. Find out what drives the Regans’ passion for LifeMoves clients.

The Order of Malta Brings Joy to LifeMoves Clients

The Order of Malta organization is one of LifeMoves longest-standing and strongest volunteer groups. Founded approximately 900 years ago, its 13,000 members around the world are dedicated to helping the sick and poor. Read about the generous spirit of Order of Malta.

Opening of LifeMoves | New Haven Inn Provides Hope for LGBTQ+ Adults Experiencing Homelessness

Jazzin, 21 years old, grew up in an abusive home in east San Jose with parents who were gang members and drug dealers. When she was five years old, her grandmother took her from her home and left her at a children’s shelter. It was the beginning of a life bouncing between group homes and foster homes, thirteen in total by the time she was seventeen. Find out how Jazzin transitions from hopelessness to regaining her independence.

The Heron Family Makes a Legacy Gift to LifeMoves

Beth and Patrick Heron have been steadfast supporters of LifeMoves since the first Benefit Breakfast they attended in 2013. Patrick, a Managing Partner at Frazier Healthcare, and Beth, a teacher at the Children and Family Institute, are Palo Alto residents with a commitment to philanthropy. Find out how the Herons support the most vulnerable and needy.

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#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis; Principal, Mithril Capital and Partner, Revolution LLC

J.D. Vance is an investor, commentator, and author of the #1 New York Times best seller Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, described by the National Review as a “brilliant book” and by The Economist as “one of the most important” reads of 2016. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer of Imagine Entertainment have announced plans to produce a movie based on Vance’s book.

Raised by his working-class grandparents in Middletown, Ohio, Vance graduated from Middletown High School in 2003 and then immediately enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. During his time in the Marines, he deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

When he finished his four-year enlistment, Vance enrolled at Ohio State University, where he studied political science and philosophy, and helped coordinate the university’s bipartisan voter education drive in 2008. After graduating from college, he studied at Yale Law School, where he worked at Yale’s Veterans Legal Services Clinic, providing free legal counsel to veterans of our nation’s wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Vance earned his law degree in 2013.

After a stint at a large corporate law firm, Vance moved to San Francisco to work in the technology industry. He serves as a principal at the leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm Mithril Capital, cofounded by Peter Thiel and Ajay Royan. As an investor, Vance has taken a special interest in the biotechnology industry and other transformative sectors of the economy.

In early 2017, Vance joined as a partner in AOL founder Steve Case’s venture capital company, Revolution LLC, which concentrates on bolstering entrepreneurship and disruptive, high-growth companies outside of the sphere of Silicon Valley. He also returned home to Ohio to found Our Ohio Renewal, a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the state’s opioid crisis and bringing high-quality employment and educational opportunities to Ohioans.

He regularly discusses politics and public policy, having appeared on ABC, CBS, and FOX News, and currently serving as a contributor on CNN. Vance lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife, newborn son, and two dogs, where he works on his nonprofit and investment activities.

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